Nothing is more surprising than this week's great news for gamers. Sony delivered a friendly message by announcing that the PlayStation VR headset will launch in October of this year at the fair price of US$399. The price is much cheaper than the $599 Oculus rift. The shockingly cheap price made PlayStation gamers cry for happiness, even the ones who haven't owned a PlayStation yet but are looking forward to buying one.

The virtual reality is coming rapidly to our generation, and we are the lucky ones who will be able to live in our dreams. (Seriously, yes!) In the meantime, many strong game developer companies are working hard alongside the PlayStation VR to provide a super-realistic gaming experience.

The backbone of this creation required a lot of 3D shenanigans. Just to keeping in track of users' head movements and the headset’s position can already give the developers a headache. And to be able to match frame rates to send the gamers into that particular 360 degree atmosphere is unbelievably awesome in its first stage.

Nevertheless, the hype from Japanese gamers isn't much less than in the U.S. A Japanese gamer even tweeted that he is willing to offer US$600 if Sony would bring that future device earlier on the table in May. Anyway, people have already been stretching their fingers to prepare to hit the pre-order button, so they can jump into the dream without caring much about their social life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.