When it comes to odd commercials and eccentric ways to promote products, Japanese PR companies do a good job.

Pokka Sapporo has recently released a series of spicy cup noodles called Karaoh (辛王), and they needed a good way to promote it.


Source: Pokka Sapporo

So what did they decide to do? Set up over 10 cameras, and have a hot chic sit in the center of it, and simply shoot her eating that spicy noodles. Check out how it turned out.

Kara Moe, performed by Anna Konno

She has to get to the chair first


Source: YouTube

Yeah, I bet you're embarrassed being surrounded by cameras


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Before we begin, let's get you into something a little more comfortable...


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Now, let's eat... Spicy, huh?


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Just checking... Are your legs sweating yet?


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Drink up


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More moisture on your face, I see...


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We just want to see the effect capsaicin has on human body


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...and whether you've finished the soup or not


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Sweaty? Embarrassed?


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There are videos of other girls trying the same thing on Karaoh's YouTube channel, so do check them out.

And if you want to know a bit more about Anna Konno, check out her blog (in Japanese) and Twitter.

Our interest in hot food has surged after watching the video. I wonder why...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.