Okamoto is one of Japan's largest condom manufacturers has started to garner quite a colorful reputation for their special unit of researchers, Lovers Laboratory, whose previous research projects include a condom-dispensing belt and a CG commercial of dinosaurs banging each other. The mission statement of Lovers Laboratory is to promote safe sex in Japan as the truest love you can show your partner. Their latest conceptual product however, may just make their past efforts look like foreplay. A condom case and exercise app that plays music, shines mood lighting, and corresponds to your sexual movements from the moment you whip out a condom.

Yeah, that certainly sounds like a mouthful, but this jack-of-all trades device, called Condom Moody, actually backs its needs for all those services with some scientific research. Before you actually get into the hot and heavy of how the devices functions, we suggest you get warmed up by watching their completely over-the-top and hilarious promotional video, featuring a romantic couple testing out the device and saying things that people never say during sex. It goes without saying, but NSFW.

At first glance it might seem like it's a device that lights up the block and broadcasts your bedroom behavior to the neighborhood, the device was actually born out of a sympathy towards people waiting for their partner to put a condom on. According to research conducted by Lovers Laboratory, the ideal amount of time a woman wants a lover to put on a condom is 28 seconds on average, while the actual time it takes most people to put on a condom comes is 47 seconds. Lovers Laboratory apparently felt that that disparity was enough to kill the sexual mojo of potential partners, and so they conceptually developed a condom case, that when synched to your smartphone, plays music and projects beautiful lighting the moment it is opened.

See? They did a lot of research!

That's not all, though. The device continues to monitor just how passionate you are in your love-making, as after it starts up, it uses sensors to detect how much the bed is shaking and playing music accordingly.


Source: YouTube

Sure enough, the device has a variety of different modes that you can select to switch things up in the bedroom, and the music volume and lights coordinate to your mode. The names are enough to warrant development funding:

Relax : slow and steady, so that you can make it through the nerves and worries of the first time. When you want to play it safe.

Deep Dive: "it makes you think of the deep ocean" with relaxing atmosphere, to synchronize your hearts.

Burning Love: An up-tempo and passionate mode for when you want to get wild with your partner.

Kama Sutra: It keeps you on your toes by sensing the movement of the bed and prompting new positions--so things don't get stale.

And as you saw in the video, Condom Moody visualizes just how passionate the sex you had was by measuring vertical and horizontal vibrations. It also lets you order more condoms with the push of a button through the app, should you notice your supply running low.

So while the website does actually claim the product is in development, until a further announcement comes out it'll just have to sit as something to enjoy with a chuckle like the other tongue-in-check research projects Okamoto cooks up. That said, we applaud the company's many attempts to promote safe sexual intercourse with as much humor and clever ideas for (maybe actually possible this time!) products.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.