Ladybaby did it again! For some of you who might not know, this Japanese Kawaii metal music group is not only cute in their own way, but they are also pretty hardcore. A professional bearded wrestler even randomly joins in to shout along with the two young energetic Japanese girls. The dynamic is obvious on the spot, with a very random momentum just like any other Japanese commercial you have seen before.

Their first hit single Nippon Manju exploded from last year, with over 13 million views on Youtube. And this time, they are going harder on one of everyone’s favorite Japanese food – Ramen. The video message is simple, saying that the happy taste of ramen can save everyone, and possibly change the world.

LADYBABY「蓮華チャンス!/Renge Chance !」

But be careful! While your focus is being dragged away from the catchy music video, you might also starve for a bowl of “Renge Ramen.”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.