Miso soup isn’t hard to make, but it’s often the first to be abandoned when there’s not a lot of time to spend on cooking.

With these miso soup balls, however, you can pre-make batches of miso soup, and have them later whenever you want!


Source: Misomaru

Called misomaru, they are little balls of miso and dashi, mixed in with the miso soup ingredients of your choice. They’re super easy to make, and all you have to do is pour some hot water over them to instantly have a delicious bowl of miso soup.

They’ve become quite the trend in Japan, with recipes being shared on popular cooking sites like Cookpad. Rolled up, they are small enough to bring to the office for lunch, and simple enough to drink in the morning for breakfast.

Miso soup is even said to be good for hangovers — containing the nutrient choline, it helps your body detox and recuperate.


Source: Misomaru

Here’s how to make your own misomaru:


・160g-180g of miso

・5g of dashi (broth, preferably fish)

・2g dried seaweed

・3g scallion

*As for everything besides the miso and dashi, you can mix and match whatever ingredients you wish to have in your soup.


1. Mix together the miso and dashi.

2. Cut the other ingredients up into small pieces, and mix into the miso and dashi.

3. Roll them into 3cm-sized balls.


Source: Misomaru

That’s it! If you want to make them look fancy, you can cover them with toppings like sesame seeds, almonds, and dried pumpkin flakes. Always use dry ingredients, so that they are rehydrated when you make the miso soup.

Wrapping them up with wax paper is best. You can twist the paper at the ends to make them look like candy, and even hand them out as gifts to other miso soup-lovers.


Source: Misomaru

By - grape Japan editorial staff.