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Cute But Creepy Cat Manjū Are Yours To Love And Eat

There are different genres of kawaii in Japan, and these cat manjū from Tohoen definitely fit into the kimokawaii category.

Kimokawaii describes something that is both cute (kawaii) and gross (kimochiwarui). In this case, the same term could be used to describe something cute but also a little bit creepy.


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The cat manjū come in five different flavors: White (cheese bean paste/black sesame), Black (brown sugar bean paste/bamboo charcoal), Calico (matcha bean paste/plain), Tiger (azuki bean paste/brown sugar), and Russian Blue (azuki bean paste/black sesame).

They even have ones that look like adorable little cat paws, with matcha/strawberry bean paste filling inside.

No doubt they’re endearing, but you have to admit they're pretty eerie-looking. Imagine having them being served in a dark room at night...


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These felines cost 1,250 yen (11.25 USD) for a box of 5, or 2,450 (22.05 USD) for a box of 10.

Buy them here on Tohoen’s online store!


Source: atpress

By - grape Japan editorial staff.