For some reason or another, everyday foods look exceptionally delicious when featured in animations. This might not be important if the focus of the animation isn’t the food, but if you’re a fast food chain looking to inspire fresh young recruits through a short animated film, it might very well work in your favor.

McDonald’s Japan recently created a short animated video in hopes to encourage young people to work at one of their many locations. Animated by Tokyo-based Studio Colorado, it follows the journey of a college student working part-time at McDonald’s, from her first few days on the job to the day she becomes a full-fledged McDonald’s staff.

The girl, named Sumire Hibino, is voiced by AKB48 member Rin Okabe.

Luckily, Sumire receives the helpful hand of fellow part-timer Ikumi Hoshino, another college student and Sumire’s sempai, or superior. Led by her beloved sempai, Sumire gradually gets her bearings, all while encountering new customers and obstacles along the way.

She learns a clever response to young boys asking for a “free smile.” — “Do you want that to go?”


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That even when you nearly lose all your fries, you have to stay calm.


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Being able to wrap up a burger like a pro is a valuable skill set.


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So is fixing up the perfect McShake, and a delicious cup of fries.


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And that you can establish long-lasting friendships with coworkers.


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But most importantly, we’ve discovered that this short animation will give viewers a massive craving for a good ol’ McDonald’s meal.


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Watch the whole animation here:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.