Anpanman has long been a symbol of justice and the favorite animated superhero of just about every kid in Japan. The kindhearted hero with a head made of red bean paste bun (anpan) battles against the evil schemes concocted by his nemesis, Baikinman (Bacteria Man), and when he encounters starving people, he even offers a bite of his delicious head to them! So you can imagine the shock of innocent fans of the show who were recently exposed to these creepy and grotesque cosplay versions of their favorite characters.

These terrifying takes on the lovable cast of Anpanman were spotted at the 2016 Nippon-bashi Street Festa in Osaka. It's a large scale festival event that attracts many anime and video game fans for their Cosplay Festival, drawing roughly 250,000 attendees in 2015. While the event is somewhat of a celebration of all modern J-pop culture, featuring robot performances and live music, the high-quality cosplayers who are happy to pose for pictures seem to be the most popular attraction.

These eerily realistic Anpanman cosplayers have become somewhat of a local group of macabre celebrities, earning cries of "They're here this year too!" from the crowd as they shuffle forward like zombies. While there are quite a few culprits, of special note is the Currypanman vomiting an endless stream of curry, and a zombified Anpanman missing a chunk of his head.

So how did little children take to the deformed oddity versions of their beloved Anpanman cast? As this video with a scary version of peekaboo shows, some got frightened and ran away crying!

Fortunately there were some more kid-friendly cosplays to please people of all ages. After all, who can be upset with cats cosplay Studio Ghibli characters, like No-Face and Cat Bus?

Studio Ghibli cats to the rescue!

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Even Captain America and Falcon showed up

So hopefully those kids took their broken dreams and nightmare fuel and turned them into something happier while admiring some high-level and adorable cosplay!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.