In recent years, several Japanese universities have garnered a reputation for some entertaining antics during their graduation ceremonies (卒業式, sotsugyo-shiki). As they aren't strictly a cap and gown affair (although formal wear and kimono are often the go-to garb), students can attend in free dress--and some universities, such as the prestigious Kyoto University and Kanazawa College of Art, have a tradition of students attending their commencement ceremony in elaborate cosplay--from Super Mario Brothers to My Neighbor Totoro.

This year, Tama Art University, located in Tokyo, upheld their end of the tradition in grand form. To get a feel for just how dedicated these graduates get with their efforts, take a look at this Star Wars cosplay graduation performance from just last year.

So as you can see, the standard for this year was set very high. Fortunately, the guitarist fires of George Miller's post-apocalyptic blockbuster and bad-ass movie Mad Max: Fury Road fueled the inspiration for this year's graduation ceremony, as a parade of War Boys hoisted Immortan Joe and his bad-ass guitarist down the aisle.

"Mad-Graduation Ceremony-Max

"Tama Art University Graduation Ceremony! This year is Mad Max!"

A video of the grand entrance.

"Mad Max at the Graduation Ceremony"

While the image of rigid student environments in Japan can be pretty popular, just remember creative instances like this where graduating students can let their hair down and celebrate with some theatrics and awesome design--it's an Art School, after all!

So there you have the most bad-ass way to graduate from University. Well, until next year.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.