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The Most Extreme Yakisoba Commercial Ever

There are definitely worse ways to kill your time than watching over-the-top Japanese commercials on the internet. And while you maybe have your own experiences falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and may have a "been there, done that" attitude about them, we think this low-budget sci-fi thriller advertising instant Yakisoba is a worthy addition to your zany Japanese commercial experience.


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The aptly titled "Extreme" commercial is for Nissin's popular instant yakisoba, U.F.O., which is as clever a name for an instant noodle product as you'll ever hear since the "F" could be either "flying" or "frying", given Japanese pronunciation. As a "thank you" for their 40th year anniversary, Nissin has put together quite an interesting commercial modeled after B-grade sci-fi action movies, with Japanese musician and Kamen Rider actor Kikawa Koji playing the bold hero "Sauce", who must save "Princess Extreme" (played by Japanese-American model and actress Mizuahara Kiko) from the clutches of evil!

It's all in English, so while you may not quite get it, language barrier isn't a problem.


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Our fearless hero


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The commercial, in all its cheesy glory.

If you are ever in trouble, just call his name!


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While we are somewhat confused, we do have a new-found craving for some yakisoba, so mission accomplished!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.