If you walk into a bakery or convenience store in Japan, the one thing you’ll always see on the shelves is melon pan, or melon bread. It’s one of the most popular sweet breads in the country, and they’re insanely delicious.

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Melon pan is made of fluffy dough covered in a sweet layer of crisp cookie dough. The name comes from it resembling a melon, but traditionally, melon pan doesn’t actually taste like the fruit. If you try out different melon pan from different makers, though, you’ll find that some do in fact contain the subtle aroma of melons.

But as much as you might love heading to the bakery to buy some freshly baked melon pan, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make it at home?

Well now you can, as melon toast!

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・1 Tbsp of margarine

・1 Tbsp of sugar

・2 Tbsp of flour

*Optional: Melon-flavored syrup, cinnamon, vanilla essence, etc.


1. Microwave the margarine and sugar in a bowl and mix. If you want your melon toast extra sweet, you can add more sugar.

2. Add flour and mix some more, until well-blended.

3. Spread the mixture over a piece of bread. Make lattice marks on the mixture with a fork to make it look more like a melon pan.

4. Toast until the surface turns a nice golden brown.

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Though the original recipe only uses sugar and margarine, you can add melon-flavored syrup, cinnamon, vanilla essence, chocolate chips — virtually anything you want to give it more flavor.

The sugar-margarine mixture is super easy to make, so you can easily whip these up for breakfast, or a snack for when you’re feeling nostalgic for a delicious Japanese melon pan!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.