The Pokémon company is on their way in making their game environment into real life. The company and Niantic Labs revealed more information about the upcoming smartphone app game Pokémon GO on Thursday. The platform combines mobile location technology and augmented reality to create a unique gaming experience.

Here is the in-game map that is similar to the google map, but in a colorful way. It tells the real world location, and uses it to search for Pokemons. While on the move, certain Pokémon are available only in certain areas: for example, water types will be found in the blue area shown as lakes or oceans.

Players can find "PokéStops" and Pokémon Gyms at special places, such as public museums, historical markers, and monuments. At PokéStops, players can acquire Poké Balls and other items. After the player explores enough, these PokéStops will grant Pokémon Eggs that will hatch after the player walks a certain number of steps. While having fun in gaming, you also can get a little exercise.

Here is what Pokémon fans have been looking forward to – the Pokémon Gym. Each player will assign only one Pokemon to the Gym, and assemble a strong team to defend the Gym. At one point, players will be requested to join one of three teams.

Players gain levels while catching more powerful Pokémons and receive stronger items. And if the player catches enough of one kind of type of Pokémon, it will allow the player to evolve that Pokémon, as well as complete the achievement medals.

Nintendo also hopes to let players pay attention around to their surroudings instead of staring at their screens by offering the "Pokémon Go Plus" wristband device. The device acts the same as the mobile device, the LED and vibration will alert players when something happens in the game.

The Pokémon world might blend in the real world quite soon, and it is in serious development with strong investors such as Google. Pokémon GO app will be available to download in later this year. Before everything goes live, some field testing will be scheduled in Japan this month.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.