There are pretty much countless Nintendo characters for you to pick from the video game Smash Brothers, either they have a badass looking outfits or a long history background like Mario. Kirby is neither of them, even though he did make good apperances in a few good series in the past, it will still be an unfavorable match for him to compete with those legendary known characters like Pikachu...

The simplest shaped Nintendo character Kirby may not strongly attached to gamers’ hearts, but he has a persistent big fan. Starryhappy has been creating different game pastries for many years, but beyond any other characters, the puffy and rounded pink Kirby is her best-loved character!

She knows Kirby more than anyone, the ability of how he absorbs others’ ability, the motion of launching fire attacks, and even how he sleeps at night.

The classical 8 bit version of Kirby.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.