Hoodies are probably the comfiest articles of clothing in the entire world, which is why we end up wearing them as often as we can get away with. But no one said hoodies can’t be freaking unbelievably awesome and fashionable at the same time, which is totally what these Samurai Armor Hoodies are.

Produced by bamboo, the vocalist of Japanese punk rock band milktub, the Samurai Armor Hoodies are “creative, durable, warm hoodies from Japan” that will keep you cozy and looking like a badass Japanese samurai.

Though the hoodies had originally been released in the winter of 2015, they sold out completely, prompting the rise of a new and improved set of samurai hoodies. But the new hoodies aren’t available yet — the project is currently still collecting funds through its campaign page.

The hoodies come in red, black, and white, and while they’re casual enough for everyday wear, they’ve also been made to incorporate as many components of the traditional Japanese samurai armor as possible.

Features include:

Traditional Tatemono (Crest) pieces

Tatemono crests are the frontal decoration placed on the front of samurai helmets. You can customize it by creating your own and attaching it to the hood!

Loops for your fingers

Just like they had on real armor.

Removable shoulder pieces and himo (cord)

The character “bu” (武), from the Japanese word “bushi” (武士), meaning samurai warrior

Mask pieces

You can use them as neck warmers!

The hoodies are all made of 100% cotton and are machine washable, which makes dressing like a sword-swinging samurai even better.

Pledges on the Samurai Armor Hoodies crowdfunding page start at 270 USD with free worldwide shipping, but they’re quickly selling out. Visit their campaign page to show your support!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.