Are you onboard to visit Japan yet? The first time when I successfully came over here I was blown away of the unknown high-tech, breathtaking sights and being able to taste lots of original Japanese food. Many Japanese aren't able to realize how lucky they are to be actually able to live in their native country. In most cases, they realize it after leaving the country for a couple months or a year. Generally, the positivity outweighs the opposite if you ever plan to be here.


This stunningly high-quality video tour of Japan is recorded by Vincent Urban, a small team of both video professionals and travelers "whizzing through Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto, as well stopping by little places along the way while sitting on Japan’s fastest train, the Shinkansen. While focusing on some beautiful sceneries, meeting friendly people and learning the culture that somehow balances its rich historical inheritance with a futuristic present."

Here is some favorite scenes selected by the Japanese net users, that make them want to revisit their own country. As for us, we want to see every part of it.

Sumo - Japanese wrestling sport.

Japanese convenient stores - The most important life tool in Japan, able to pay home bills, receive packages, buying concert tickets and more.

Heavy snow fall tunnel - In Nagano

By - grape Japan editorial staff.