Cup Noodle is celebrating their 45th anniversary by adding two new flavors on their shelf. One is described as “Luxury thickness shark-fin soup flavor,” and another one is “Luxury broth softshell turtle soup flavor,” giving a few more options to those people who are looking for a thicker solid taste. In the meantime, it can be quickly served in less than 3 minutes.

The golden gorgeous packaging already shows enough of its high status, which is way above than the white humbly traditional ones for most students. These luxury new cups will go on sale for 230 yen (US$2), about 50 yen more than the regular Cup Noodle.

Luxury thickness shark fin soup flavor

Base with chicken and pork soup, that mixes with homemade oyster sauce.

Luxury broth softshell turtle soup flavor

The soup is made in a traditional Japanese style, extracting the good flavor of tuna, that is deeply seasoned with ginger, and adding softshell turtle powder to give it an overall taste.

To the people who are concerned about fin-animals, the flavor doesn’t actually contain shark-fin, and instead is made from processed foods resembling shark-fin flavor.

The softshell turtle soup flavor does actually listed its added source of ingredient as powder. Well, if you are a turtle lover and concerned about how the powder is made of, then maybe you have to think twice before going for it.

The new noodle will start selling nationwide from April 11th. If you are tired of the old flavors, this will be a perfect chance for you to explore and possibly learn about the taste of shark-fin and softshell turtle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.