Japanese model-maker and sculptor Y_Nakajima is no stranger to exploiting Thomas the Tank Engine's innate creepiness factor. Hell, he even crafted an unholy Frankenstein's monster out of the children's storybook character, completely armed with a 300mw laser cannon to terrorize the balloons of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now it seems that the multiple-legged death machine has grown even stronger, apparently now possessing the ability to shatter a glass with a more powerful cannon.


Source: YouTube

If you're not familiar with the twisted take on Thomas the Tank Engine's backstory, Y_Nakajima gave the children's character a bit of a Mad Max twist, explaining that "Sir Topham Hatt lost everything he had, and giving into despair and madness manipulated the AI-equipped body of Thomas the Tank Engine into a ravenous death machine." And while this isn't the only ghoulish oddity he's made out of that soulless smile, it is definitely the most threatening, as shown off in the video below.

...although we're afraid (or rather, thankful), that this is an edited video. In his Twitter feed, Y_Nakajima explains that the video is an edited product, and that he himself broke the glass with a slingshot and a pachinko ball, which just goes to show how hard those things are. Still, as far as the mythology of this mad-scientist made sinister perversion of Thomas the Tank Engine goes, it's just another more horrifying weapon to in his ever-growing arsenal. No one is safe.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.