A pinch of condiments goes a long way to making your dishes really shine. Many people in Japan love them. There have been imaginative things such as edible chili oil and shiokoji (which is made by fermenting kouji mold with salt and water). It might sound a bit odd, but when you taste them, we're sure you're thrilled by the taste sensation that spreads in your mouth.

This time, we will introduce you a less challenging condiment from Japan: powdered soy sauce.


While you may have had the chance to try powdered soy sauce in the past, but the ones made by "Shimogamosaryo" offers something more.

This soy sauce was created by the head chef of a historic ryotei restaurant in Kyoto called Shimogamosaryo. The head chef wanted to create a powdered soy sauce for some of the dishes that were being served at the restaurant. Now this is available for sale.


Shimogamosaryo's powdered soy sauce doesn't use an ordinary soy sauce; it uses a soy sauce from "Kamebishiya" - a soy sauce maker with over 250 years of history - which is brewed for 3 years. Not only is this condiment packed with beautiful soy-sauce flavors, it is accented with finest yuzu and chili powder.

Just a sprinkle of this condiment will turn a lot of dishes into something a little special.


How to use them

Tempura and other deep-fries


The good thing about using a powder on fried dishes that it won't make them soggy. Enjoy the crunchiness while making the flavor blossom.

Sashimi, sushi


The flavor of the soy sauce is a vital accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. Yuzu and chili will be a good alternative to wasabi.

Egg dishes


Add a little spice onto your fried eggs, literally!

Shimogamosaryo's powdered soy sauce would also work well with plain rice and grilled fish!


Bring Eastern aroma into Western dishes


Yes. Soy sauce on vanilla ice cream. It really tastes good.

Also try it on pasta and toast. A quick fusion with one condiment will surely give you new taste discovery.


Coming in a beautiful package is a great plus. Try and find one if you are ever in Japan, so you can enjoy one of the best powdered soy sauce in your own home!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.