You know the drill by now. Japan really can't go for too long a stretch without concocting a usually unimaginable flavor combination just to mess with the order of things. While this usually takes place in the form of something crunchy, in this particular case cola is the medium for an exotic flavor, which we've seen very recently with potato-chip cola. While chips and cola at least share a stretchable connection as a snack-time pairing, this new flavor from Tombow Beverage Co laughs in the face of traditional pairings: curry flavored cola.

Not just any curry, either. The company is using a curry flavor modeled after Ishikawa prefecture's popular local gourmet dish, Kanzawa curry, which is known for using especially thick and rich curry roux and Tonkatsu sauce (for the lovely Tonkatsu its usually served with). While those are two of our favorite things in the Japanese culinary world, it's hard to imagine it being palatable in the form of a carbonated soft drink, but that's just what Tombow Beverage has set out to do (or at least surprise you).

Basically, this as a cola.


Source: Flickr/Kanesue

It will be sold all over the country starting April 1st, 2016. While "April Fool's" may come to mind, this appears to be an actual release, and is probably not any more inconceivable than Wasabi and Eel colas that are already sold in the country. Priced at 216 yen ($1.94 USD), the Curry Cola will be available as a limited-batch release. So if the tangy goodness of thick curry sauce is something you just can't live without, this may just be the cola you've been waiting for. For the rest of us, we imagine it'll be quite the workout on our taste-buds!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.