Though Japan’s Pride Parades may not be as large or widely broadcasted as those of other countries, they’re still a positive, explosive celebration of Tokyo’s diverse LGBTQ* community.

There are currently two pride parades in Japan: Tokyo Pride and Tokyo Rainbow Pride. The Tokyo Pride Parade was first established back in 1994, but went though numerous hiatuses. Tokyo Rainbow Pride was later created in 2011 to ensure one would organize the annual pride parade in case the other couldn’t.


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This year, Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016 will be taking the reins to organize a weeklong celebration, aka Rainbow Week, of the LGBTQ* community. From April 29th to May 8th the streets will be dominated by Tokyo’s LGBTQ* population, but even if you don’t identify yourself as part of the community, don’t hesitate to jump right in — whatever your sexuality, gender identity, race, nationality, or age, everybody is welcome to join in on the excitement. It’s a true and beautiful celebration of diversity!

A special event will be held every day during Rainbow Week, ranging from educational workshops to wild parties. The Rainbow Pride Festival will be held on May 7th at Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, and the week will end with the Rainbow Pride Parade. During the festival, Yoyogi Park will be packed with booths and performances, while a huge crowd of participants will be marching through the streets of Tokyo for the final parade.

One of the main goals of Rainbow Pride is to make this year’s parade the biggest one in Asia yet. It’s an ambitious goal, but with aspirations so high, there’s all the more reason to go and be part of the celebration!

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016

Rainbow Week: 4/29/2016~5/8 in various parts of the Tokyo area

Rainbow Pride Festival: 5/7/2016 at Yoyogi Park

Rainbow Pride Parade: 5/8/2016 (Parade starts at Shibuya City Office)


By - grape Japan editorial staff.