Recently, McDonald's Japan heard a small fuss from a well-known sumo wrestler Hakuho Sho, who is 192cm in height, in 155kg weight, and earned the highest rank sumo title, the 69th Yokozuna. While he was on his break during a commercial, he had a Big Mac that he hasn’t enjoyed in for a long time. But little did he know, a new item on the menu from McDonald's Japan would born because of his unintentional feedback.

During the food break, he received an interview and said,

“It is good as always, but if I take 2 bites, only half of it remains, because it’s a Big Mac, right? As for the grand one, it probably still has only around one-third of it.

If we can add about one slice on it, wouldn't that be nice? But, where can you even put it in...

No worries..., McDonald's Japan heard it.

Here you go! As you requested.

The GIGA BigMac

Nothing more needs to be mentioned, just another layer of meat on top of the meat. All 4 slices of Big Mac meat into one burger. Just because you want it, here you can have it!

The Giga BigMac sells at 740 yen, 220 yen more than the standard Grand BigMac. It will be served starting on April 6th for just a limited time. Just don't count on it being permanent, since most of the folks in japan probably could not handle such volume in their stomach.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.