You can always count on Krispy Kreme to have a display window full of freshly baked, delicious doughnuts, but when you’re in Japan, you can combine that expectation with the anticipation for a never-before-seen kind of product.

Well, those expectations have become reality with Krispy Kreme Japan’s new Kool Krispy Sandwich, filled with scoops of raspberry gelato, vanilla ice cream, and topped with frozen mixed berries. They’ve used the Original Glazed doughnut for the “buns,” and it really doesn’t get any better than that.

The Kool Krispy Sandwich will appear at Krispy Kreme Japan stores starting April 13th, and you’ll be able to get them for 420 yen (3.74 USD). The combination of ice cream and doughnuts is perfect for the upcoming warmer seasons, and it’s only a matter of time before we can dig into to these beauties. They even promise to serve the cold ice cream in a doughnut that’s still nice and warm!

You can bet we’ll be at the front of the line when this dough of perfection comes out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.