Sakura season is in full-swing in Japan, and that means that everyone is gearing up to go to their favorite spots for cherry blossom viewing, or hanami(花見). Appreciation of sakura isn't limited to the outdoors, however, as Japan tends to load up on Sakura-flavored products to celebrate the season. However, one of the more somber reasons behind Japan's love of the sakura is their fleeting nature--as gorgeous as they may be, they perfectly reflect the Japanese concept of "mono no aware"(物の哀れ), the pathos of things, as they last for about a week before disappearing with their beauty. Starbucks in Taiwan, however, might be the perfect tease for that out-of-reach beauty by releasing an item that'll let you appreciate a cherry blossom that won't fade with these sakura themed Starbucks tumblers.

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Major cities in different countries boast their own unique designs on Starbucks tumblers, usually showing off famous local landmarks and symbols. Japan is no different, with the temples of Kyoto, tropical scenery of Okinawa, Hiroshima's beautiful Itsukushima Shrine, and many more patterns adorn their mugs and tumblers, but it's Taiwan that has put out a tumbler design that has Japanese internet users clamoring for their own. The sakura themed tumblers come in two variations, a red and cheerful cherry blossom pattern that sold out on day one, and a navy blue design that lets you enjoy the atmosphere of night-time hanami.

Of course, it's not just tumblers. Mugs and glassware are also available, and the Japanese Twitterverse has spoken up, calling the sakura-themed coffee goods "too cute" and calling for similar releases in Japan.

People are also making a topic of the "Sunny Bottles" available at Taiwanese Starbucks, which feature a sakura-type cap and a design modeled after late-night hanami.

Very often, when some of the unusual and exotic flavored products Japan releases inspire jealousy across the world, as they can only be had by actually visiting the country. Perhaps this is a bit of a reversal on that, with another lucky country being the ones to horde the cherry blossoms to themselves. At the very least, it can be another excuse to visit Taiwan, and Japanese fans of sakura can at least console themselves with Sakura and Matcha fraps as they take in the hanami season at its peak.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.