Are you afraid of heights? If you are, probably you shouldn’t be anymore. Recently, Japan’s net users have been talking about a crazy video of an old man walking on a round pipe while crossing over a river. One wrong step off the edge, and a disturbing scene may appear underneath. The witnessing happened around a public school in Fukuoka, and gave the cameraman quite a shock while filming on an accessible bridge.

It seems that the old man is very confident about himself in balancing, similar to the legendary High-wire artist Philippe Petit who walked between the old World trade center buildings, just a step down version of it because of is elder age. But even so, we are not sure the cane he is carrying will hold him up when things go wrong...

Even crossing over an biggie..

Japanese net users tweeted,

Seriously!? that is freakin dangerous!

he can loose that cane lol

If you try to talk to him, he might actually fall..

God’s territory...

Anyway kids or grandkids, DO NOT learn from this old man, he probably was a ninja or some kind of samurai back in the old days.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.