Even if you are a real book worm, it's so easy to get in the bad habit of reading books that you know you are going to like.

Now there is a simple solution that is becoming pretty popular in Japan; this would surely make many book lovers to new discovery in literature.

Birthday paperback

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Birthday paperback comprise of authors who are born in each day of the year to create a collection of 366 books. On each cover, it indicates a date, the name of the author who was born on that date, as well as a simple biography of the author.

You will not know what's inside until you open it

This simple cover doesn't tell you a lot; in order to know the title of the book, you actually have to go to a bookstore and open the book.

That small amount of suspense can be really exciting.

An opportunity to explore new authors

It's easy for people to get in a habit of only picking up books you know you are going to enjoy. Birthday paperback could help kick the habit altogether; you might be surprised with discoveries you can make simply by "covering up the cover".

And the cover design is pretty attractive

While covers do not tell you how good stories contained inside them are, people still want the covers to look good. Thankfully, birthday paperback's got that covered too.

Great as birthday gifts

Not only is birthday paperback series good for your own enjoyment, it is also a perfect gift for people's birthdays.

Just having the same birthday as yourself could be enough to find affinity with that author. And because the back cover gives a synopsis of the sort of life the author lived, people who receive the gift might enjoy the book a whole lot more.

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Reading experience with a difference

While more and more people are turning to e-books, there is still a good feeling holding a book in your hand. I bet doing something like this with English novels would be a good idea. Publishers: pretty please...?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.