Shizan is one form of Japanese sword testing where a pile of straws are cut using a Japanese sword.

The sword master that appeared in front of the target is a 9-year-old girl. Although her sword is shorter than usual, it still weighs about a kilo, which is heavy enough for a young person like her.


Source: YouTube

Holding heavy weight can easily cause the sword to fall in an odd angle; yet this girl drops down the sword smooth without any tension.

This is actually really difficult to do: adults can easily fail in cutting the straw beautifully if the sword doesn't strike and pierce through the straw at a correct angle.

Although her final strike didn't work well, the way she doesn't use force to cut. That is an ideal way to use a Japanese sword.


Source: YouTube

Many people commented on her superb skills with the sword:

  • Although it is the prime importance to drop the sword accurately, it is impressive when you see someone do it so accurately.
  • It's amazing how the sword cuts so beautifully when you get the angle right.
  • It's shocking to me to learn that you don't need force to slice through.
  • I look forward to see her develop even further!

She had used thinner straws than what are usually used; however you still need to hone in on basic skills in order to get this right.

It's a great example of how force and strength is not everything in Budo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.