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A Meeting With A Paralyzed Cat That Led To Miracles

Meet Nene. She fell from a tall bridge and lost movement in the bottom half of her body.

This story is about how she made a remarkable recovery from a tragic accident.


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Movement lost

Nene was left stranded on a bridge with a lot of traffic. Someone came near her, perhaps to look after her.

However, that has caused the little kitten to panic, and fell off the bridge by accident. Another person, who saw this accident unfold, decided to look for the poor kitten.


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At the bottom of the bridge, there was Nene, who was injured so much that her lower part of the body was completely disabled.

It was impossible to leave Nene stranded; so the person decided to take her home.

Let's go 'home'

An improvised line in the video is heartwarming, despite the severity of Nene's condition.

Then miracles

Nene was then taken to a vet, and she recovered to the point where she can meow away.

Then Nene meets "Uzu" (another cat that was owned by the rescuer) for the first time. The first encounter looks a bit awkward...


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However, a few days later, they started getting along just fine!


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9 days later since Nene was rescued, her legs started moving. The pace of Nene's recovery surprised the vet; the secret to her progress perhaps was due to Uzu's support.

Then another unusual phenomenon occurs: Uzu, who had not gotten pregnant or given birth in the past, started producing milk.

Two weeks after she was rescued, Nene started walking, utilizing her back legs a little bit as well.


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By the time her treatment was over, Nene was able to walk!

Although her back legs are not in perfect form, it is remarkable how quickly she recovered.


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Apparently, the day after Nene was rescued, the water level under the bridge had increased due to heavy rain. If she wasn't rescued, Nene may not had recovered at all.


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We hope Nene will go on living a happy life with her rescuer and Uzu!

One month later

After treatment

By - grape Japan editorial staff.