If you’ve ever wondered how elite shoguns kicked backed after an intense day of fighting battles and ruling Japan, spending a night at Japanese-style inn Uematsuya might give you a glimpse.

Open to visitors until July 31st, 2016, Uematsuya’s sleek Sanada Sengoku Room is available as part of a special overnight plan for people traveling alone. The inn is located in Ueda city in Nagano Prefecture, famous for Bessho Onsen, and is offering solo travelers a night of shogun-style respite.


Source: Uematsuya


Source: Uematsuya

The room was inspired by Japanese samurai warrior Sanada Yukimura of the Sengoku Period, a leading general that was once deemed “A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years,” the “Crimson Demon of War,” “The Last Sengoku Hero,” and even the “Number One Warrior in Japan.”

Luckily you won’t have to worry about filling his shoes — all you have to think about is how to spend the most comfortable night possible in a room worthy of one of the most elite Japanese shoguns.


Source: Uematsuya


Source: Uematsuya

Sanada was said to have had close ties with the city of Ueda, and in the room you will find furniture and accessories that are connected to him in some way, including Rokumonsen, the famous emblem of the Sanada clan.

And if you think it strange that there’s a bed instead of a futon, remember that one of the most important traits of the samurai is adaptability — every good shogun needs a flexible mind that can appreciate a mix of the traditional and modern.

The plan even comes with dinner, which is an 11-part feast fit for a warrior. Of course, you’ll be able to wrap up the night soaking in the hot springs, which the area is known for.


Source: Uematsuya

For 17,000 yen (156.31 USD), the Sanada Sengoku Room can be booked for one person for a one-night stay and two meals.

Sanada Sengoku Room/Uematsuya

Available 3/17/2016~7/31/2016

17,000 yen for one night/one person, breakfast and dinner included

Address: 1628 Bessho Onsen Ueda, Nagano

TEL: 0268-38-2300


By - grape Japan editorial staff.