Tokyo, for all its charming parks and scenic views, Tokyo is not often the first place in Japan to come to mind when one thinks of a place to appreciate nature. But within all the surprises that the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo holds for its travelers, perhaps the most pleasant is the abundance of spots where one can admire the beautiful cherry blossom trees of Japan's Spring season.


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One such amazing spot is the Meguro River, a popular place to enjoy the Japanese tradition of hanami (花見), or cherry-blossom viewing. The river is lined with 800 Yoshino Sakura trees that are lit up for a glorious illumination at night during the Nakameguro Sakura festival. One could walk down the cherry-blossom tree arched path of the river for 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) with a cold beer in hand and take in one of the most rewarding strolls in Tokyo, reminding oneself that such gorgeous scenery even thrives in the city.

Iwamoto Film Studio, headed by Yasunori Iwamoto, however, is now offering an even more stunning view of the sakura that adorn the Meguro River. Using footage captured by a drone, Iwamoto is able to show just how sprawling this beautiful path of nature really is, giving us a calming center in the chaos of Tokyo.

It's not often you get a top-down vantage point of sakura, especially 800 trees!


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The vantage point of the drone provides for a breathtaking view of sakura "tunnel" that can really only be appreciated from rooftops, and shows off what makes this one of the most popular spots for sakura viewing in Tokyo.


Source: YouTube

Even if it's just for a minute, we've gotten the amazing feeling of becoming a bird and seeing the magnificence of sakura in full-bloom as we've never seen them before.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.