If you have an untrimmed landscape and an extra $138 in hand, you might want to consider investing in a few goats.

You read that right: goats.

Japanese rental company DMM is giving people the chance to catch up on some goat interaction with their Goat Rental service. They won’t only keep you company, but they’ll gladly eat the grass and other unwanted plants you have growing on your grounds.

For just 15,000 yen (138 USD), you can rent 1 goat for 1 month. However, they only rent out over 2 goats at a time — you wouldn’t want them to work without any friends, would you?


Source: DMM

According to DMM, there are 3 merits of letting goats roam around your premises:

・No use of fuel or herbicides, making it safer for the environment. Plus, less emission of CO2!

・The goats will eat any vegetation they can physically get to, including from areas unreachable by machines.

・Animal therapy. What’s more calming than having adorable goats nearby?


Source: DMM

Apparently 1 goat eats about 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of grass per day, so you’ll have a cleaner landscape in no time.

But don’t mistake these wonderful creatures for grass-eating robots. They will make noise like all goats do, will smell like goats, and will relieve themselves when they have to. They’re animals, after all.


Source: DMM


Source: DMM

As great as this service is, it’s only available for businesses looking to trim a little bit of vegetation around their premises, so don’t throw away your lawn mower just yet. If you>are a business with a lawn to take care of, though, why not let some adorable goats help you get the job done?

Goat Rental

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.