Capybaras are wildly popular in Japan, and not just because they’ve been turned into Kapibara-san characters or because they love hot springs as much as we do. They’re the epitome of chill — an adorable antidote to all the stresses of life.

Well, it turns out that these large rodents are loved by virtually every living creature in the world.

It’s not at all surprising, considering capybaras are highly social animals who live in large groups of 10-20, some even as large as 100. The South American natives are semi-aquatic mammals that live on both land and water, which is probably one of the reasons they have so many friends.

If only our cats loved us this much.

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And furry little bunnies.

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Even monkeys can’t get enough of them.

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And they’re pretty popular with chicks.

They love playing with dogs.

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Caimans, too.

They make wonderful companions for birds and turtles.

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Kangaroos like hanging out with them.

They even give us humans affection, too.

And last but not least, they’re great at taking care of their own

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We wish we were this popular.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.