Japan ranks as one of the top countries that has the longest working hours. Full-time employees work is about 2,000 hours per year, 400 hours longer than Germany or France. In most cases, it’s not because the job needs all the minutes to be spent, it’s because the whole idea of being at work equals to so called "loyalty." And most importantly is the Nintaiyoku or konki, which as a meaning of patience can be translated in a way of “beauty” in Japan. A person who can show solid patience, also shows that they contain a great inner-side of themselves. But anyhow, let’s get to the bottom of humanity, when things exceed the ultimate line, which means things are going to explode in a worst possible way. It’s no where like in U.S that employees will throw rocks through their company’s window anymore. In Japan, it’s about time to kick someone’s face to show how moral justice should be done!

A brilliantly done shoe spray commercial from Kiwi shows a female employee who is trying to leave work when her boss comes up and throws a junk pile of folders on her desk. Therefore, she decided to quietly stand against him and do what she has to do...


Source: YouTube

As it turns out, her kicks haven't been connecting at all. She is instead knocking people out with the stench of her feet, which need Kiwi shoe spray. If you wonder why they are so stinky...


Source: YouTube

The epic commercial does not only apply to selling more of their refreshing shoe spray, but also sends a positive message to help Japanese hard-living workers to feel less stressful when they watch the video.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.