If you ask any Japanese person what is their favorite cat body part, the answer would most likely be — cat paw. That’s why there are small cat paw shaped sakura sweets, and even hand cream that smells like a cat paw. The fetish of treasuring the cat paw will never slow down in Japan. Now, playstation also gets its own sensation by adding some cat paw cuteness on the hand controller. What’s more, it becomes an essential accessory to any gamer who seeks to scale up their skill performance.

The Japanese peripheral maker Cyber Gadget is releasing it on PlayStation 4, with a series of accessories called Neko Nyan, or Cat Meow.

Be “IN” control

The installment of cat paw is pretty simple, just tag it on the controller’s button like a sticker. While you are dedicated to performing some crazy hit combo, the cat paw allows you to avoid any slippery or silly mistakes with its special rough surface texture.


Although you might worry about the sticker falling off during gameplay, the cat paw pad is made with silicon material, and it’s removable and washable to help you stay in a "clean" fight.

L2 and R2 trigger buttons

This does not only apply to the front roller stick button, but also on the back controller’s L2 and R2 trigger buttons as well. A great way of making sure you trigger the right buttons with no mistake.

If you want to be on the tip of the iceberg in gaming, be sure to treat yourself with these adorable additions to your PS controllers. The cat paw analog pad and L2/R2 button cover go on sale on April 14th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.