Japan is getting warmer each day while spring season slowly transitions to summer, and Japan’s Starbucks decided to bring back their customers' favorite cold drink item Chocolate brownie matcha frappuccino, or latte if you want a sweeter taste.

The drink has been absent for over two years, and fans can’t wait to taste it once more. Although there has always been an alternative of their regular Matcha Latte, but the combination with Western style brownie is something that was always missed.



The popularity of this drink has gone quite crazy, one-third of the customers were ordering it when I was in the store, so I decided to give it a try and chose the Chocolate brownie matcha latte. The taste of Matcha is definitely on spot, and the brownie dusting all over the top works perfectly with the Matcha’s rich texture. It adds some crunchiness that is not too overpowering like Oreo cookies. In fact, if it was Oreo cookies, I would prefer a smoothie with it.

If you are lucky to be in Japan during the time, don’t forget to grab one on your way. The Chocolate brownie matcha frappuccino is on sale for a limited time untill May 31st, and who knows when will it be out next time.



By - grape Japan editorial staff.