Tokyo is abundant in delicious foods and delicacies (it’s been crowned the Michelin guide’s dining capital of the world, after all), but we think the city could definitely benefit from more doner kebabs.

I mean, who doesn’t love kebabs?

But the Japanese do tend to change foreign foods up and put their own spin on them. So when we found out that one of Tokyo Station’s bento stores, Zemmai, just released their own version of the doner kebab, we knew it wasn’t going to be the spicy, meaty, flatbread wrap we were most familiar with.

Instead, they came up with this beauty: the Kebab Bento.


Source: atpress

On sale since April 12th, the Kebab Bento is a simple meal of doner kebab meat (your choice of beef or chicken), pilaf, and dried apricot for dessert. And since it is one of Japan’s rather rare halal bentos, no pork or alcohol is used in the cooking process. It actually has no veggies either, so if you’re a hardcore carnivore that just wants a meaty lunch, this could be right up your alley.

But if you’re looking for something with a bit more variation, you can also try the Turkish Bento. The star of this bento is the chicken meatloaf topped with potatoes and cheese, which is also accompanied by a pilaf and other sides.


Source: atpress

Like the the Kebab Bento, the Turkish Bento is also halal, and will cater to Muslims with dietary restrictions. The Kebab Bento is 980 yen (9 USD), while the Turkish Bento is sold for 1,100 yen (10 USD).

So if you’re ever near Tokyo Station and in need of halal food (or just a tasty twist on a kebab), head over to Zemmai for a scrumptious Turkish-style lunch.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.