If you grew up watching Sailor Moon, chances are you either owned one of the Sailor Moon compacts, or at least wanted to own one. But now that a lot of us Sailor Moon fans are older and wiser, we’ve *almost* come to terms with the fact that they were (don’t hate me) just toys.

But fear not, fellow Sailor Scouts. If you’re a Senshi that loves to wear makeup, you can now have a new kind of compact that will truly transform you, just like in the Sailor Moon series.


Source: atpress


Source: atpress

Fit for any Sailor Scout, this Crystal Star Compact is actually a compact face powder. Called the Shining Moon Powder, it’s complete with 3 shades — natural ochre, ochre, and highlight pearl — so that your makeup will look as vivacious as your Sailor Moon spirit.

The powder is even stamped with the imprints of Luna and some stars, and the compact itself is adorned with 5 stones representing each Sailor Scout. They all come with a puff and a mirror so you can fix up your makeup on the go.

The Shining Moon Powder can be purchased for 4,212 yen (38.50 USD) until supplies last. You can reserve an order now, and they will be shipped to you in July 2016.

With these Sailor Moon face powder compacts, you’ll be transformed into a Sailor Scout in no time.


Source: atpress


Source: atpress

By - grape Japan editorial staff.