As if Japan didn’t have enough adorable characters, Panda-No-Ana from Takara Tomy T-Arts is coming out with a new series of squeal-worthy capsule toys.

The new characters are Mochi Bake, tiny ghouls that are far from frightening.

The story behind the characters goes like this: Along a shopping street somewhere in Japan, a traditional Japanese confectionary store called Kuma-Neko-Do sells delicious mochi that locals love. What people don’t know is that the mochi have a secret — they come to life at night. They are the Mochi Bake, whose name literally translates to “Mochi Ghost” in Japanese.

There are 5 of the Mochi Bake, all different types of mochi with different personalities.


Ichigo is a girl ghost that loves all things cute. She tends to act before she thinks, but she’s an ambitious, diligent, leader-type mochi who’s rather picky about how she holds her strawberry.


Shiruko is a chill boy ghost that lives by his own rules. He loves to soak in lukewarm baths, but other that, he doesn’t really do much else. Everyone loves him anyway, though. He can often be heard saying, “I never want to leave this bowl.”


Sakura is a shy girl ghost who gets anxious without her leaf. She wants to gain confidence and be just like Ichigo one day. But despite her lack of self-confidence, her adorable timidness has attracted some secret admirers.


The Kagami Mochi Bake are brothers with a strong bond. They’re very dependent on each other, and both have cracks on their hard surfaces. It doesn’t matter though — they’re a pair of strong-willed mochi. For some reason, the mandarin orange sitting on top of them is always facing backwards.


Yomogi is a boy ghost that is a tad bit cowardly. He’s always feeling ill, and always has bean paste spilling out of his mouth. He has a secret crush on Sakura, and is waiting for the perfect moment to confess his love to her.

If you’re curious to know more about the Mochi Bake, the Panda-No-Ana Twitter account also introduces them in short comics.

But other than that, all we know of these little ghosts so far is that they’ll be available as capsule toys sometime during the year, and that they will be 200 yen (1.80 USD) each. But they better come out with them very soon, because we don’t know how long we’ll be able to wait for these adorable Mochi Bake.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.