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Is Japan Still At War? Used Clothes For A Sack Of Rice

Although you may have thought Japan is a dream land of owning futuristic high-techs and superb quality life style, well, not entirely...

Recently, a Japanese guy was wondering in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, and spotted a store that has an old exchanging system that somehow he felt shouldn’t belong in his country’s modern era. Instead of exchanging items for money, the store exchanges for bags of rice... This immediately caught Japanese net users attention and made some feel like they are probably still under war..., which reminds us of the Ghibli’s tragic film Grave of the Fireflies. The film takes place in World War II, where a young boy and his little sister struggled in hunger, and had no choice but to sell whatever belongings they had for a sack of rice or even candy...

This is not the only stores that uses rice as trade value.

A well-known second-hand clothing store, Florida, uses a similar method, but did it more in a interactive way.

The store looks pretty simple.

But inside the store has loads of shelfs of rice pilling on top.(left of the picture)

You can either use cash trade or rice to trade, up to you!

If the customer's clothes is valued by the owner as 1000 yen, the store uses 30% above of the value price to purchase from you, which is 300 yen. If the customer doesn’t want cash, they can choose to take the "double value rice," which is 600 yen's worth.

Seriously, there is someone that really want that bag of rice, and seemed happy about it.

The poster said “ I received the rice from the store, and now I am going to cook it for my tomorrow’s bento.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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