You probably don't need much of a reminder that Japan has a reputation for pushing the envelope when it comes to advertising, resulting in some promotional campaigns that non-Japanese might find...eccentric, to be modest. But if the goal of advertising is to make something last in a potential customer's head and manipulate their senses, then Japanese marketing teams sit on the Iron Throne. So knowing that, we'd love to say there's no surprise in this latest promotional stunt found in the underground tunnel of the Shinjuku Station Metro Promenade, but it looks like the bar has yet again been raised with...well, this fleshy hole.


Source: @kanro_pure

If you're wondering if there is something wrong with the tap water over here, don't worry--plenty of Japanese people are perplexed by the decision to put what looks like a big 3D interactive vagina on a wall as a promotional campaign. The product being advertised, however, is actually Kanro Gelee Pure gummy candies, a popular brand of gummies (seen below) that can be retrieved as a free sample by sticking your hand in this fleshy mouth of what is actually a display of a gummy cut in half.

Here's what actually comes out.

Truth be told, when you see them in a different color, they don't appear as shocking as they once did.

We'd like to say that seeing them in action will clear things up for you, but even knowing that you are going to get candy in return, it seems like it would command a large amount of courage to go exploring in these mysterious fleshy depths.

The promotional event runs from April 11th to April 17th, although the candy giveaway times open up only periodically between 11AM and 7PM, and 9AM-5PM on the weekends. So while there is not much time left to take the plunge of the "Mystery Touch" and "Get Surprise" challenge, you at least know that one daring candy company decided to introduce this wonderful concept to Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.