Although this is not a particular popular well-known Pokemon or Nintendo figure strap, it has some Japanese cultural background attached to it. Despite that it looks pretty weird to foreigners' eyes, we think there is an necessity to introduce this Japanese social behavior.

If you dig in to a lot of Japan’s TV shows or anime, you probably have seen a kan-cho comedy act. It is a funny joke action to bring people’s relationship closer. Of course, Japan is known as a country that has high ethical background with extremely proper manners, and if you try to kan-cho someone, people might flip out and next thing you will see is yourself being taken away to the police because you had harassed someones buttocks, which is not good.

The way to perform and execute a perfect Kan-cho is not as easy as it seems. If you miss the timing, or don't fold your fingers correctly, or perhaps you are not feeling confident yet in triggering to people’s private area, a bad Kan-cho could turn out to be a silent scene or get just a couple fake laughs in return. But someday, you need to learn how to break the ice properly if you decide to have an intimate close relationship with your Japanese friends. (not recommend on females)

To let foreigners understand better of Japanese comedy, the Kan-cho strap will be sale on around at the end of May. The item will be inside capsule machines (Gashapon), and each round is priced at 200 yen for a drop.

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Tricking is a way of communication which unite the people more intimately.

Together as one, a lined up of great friendship forever.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.