Legendary Queen-leader and God-tier vocalist Freddie Mercury had his 70th birthday celebrated by Bandai in the form of this lifelike action figure. Expert craftsmanship and 300 hours of data-research was put into making this Freddie figure as close to the real deal as possible, and as the video below shows, was based off of a 1986 performance at Wembley Stadium. After 3D modeling, coloring, rendering, and sculpting, a superbly accurate Freddie Mercury figure was created. So of course, Japanese Twitter users are having a field day posing him in absolutely ludicrous situations.

Call it a show of affection for the iconic singer, who has an enormous following in Japan. A quick look at the figure's face will reveal why Japanese collectors are having so much fun torturing the figure, however, as the toy's facial expression is modeled after Freddie's face as he belts out a high note, transferring him seamlessly into scenes of agony.

Using other action figures, mostly of other pop culture characters, Japanese figure collectors are putting poor Freddie through the ringer, and exploiting that painful-looking face of his. Let's see if you can sing your way out of this one, Mercury!

Japanese Idols helping Freddie with a costume change.

Advertising a new song on a Japanese variety show.

The 'ol "pie-in-the-face while peeing" trick.

"Listen to me!! I'm telling, I'm not Bennett!"

Captain America has had enough of your crap, Freddie.

Would this give Kirby legendary vocal talent?


"Get me out of here!!

Force-fed oden. What an awful way to go!

Picking up chicks and getting stuck with the bill!

Bruce Lee you bastard!!

Not the skeletons!

At least it wasn't Vader.

The final curtain.

It isn't easy being a legend.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.