Finding time in your day to take your dog out for a walk may seem like a chore to some people, but when you get to meet up with another dog that greets you with this adorable ritual? Then it might be everything else that turns into chore, and Japanese Twitter user ganchan92393 may agree as they get to experience it whenever they take a trip behind their house to see this too-cute-for-words dancing Shiba Inu.

Ganchan says that Shiba lives behind their house in the neighborhood, and has taken a liking to Ganchan's dog. Whenever Ganchan's dog comes into view, the Shiba will, without fail, begin to jump up and down with adorable excitement and beckon the human and dog over to come play with it.

The whimpering manages to be a mix of heartbreaking and endearing that turns us into a puddle of goo every time we hear it. Here's to hoping the owner hears the Shiba's adorable demands!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.