Japanese fashion and general oddity shop, Village Vanguard has long been known to carry niche items for just about anyone--including people who can't brave the Winter season without a nice pair of panties on their head. Despite being a bookstore, the zany store is now adding one more impressive item to its stable of fashion for people with a more mystical need to fill: a hoodie that'll turn you into a JRPG mage at your will.

Ok, so maybe they don't give you actual mage powers, but to be the part you need to look the part, and this will fill out that requirement, at least. The mage hoodie (魔道士パーカー) is gimmick wear to give your wardrobe a magical steroid boost, but those lacking the courage to wear it in full-blown sorcerer mode all the time will be happy to know that it has customize-able aspects to make it appear as a more casual sweatshirt.

A fastener allows you to adjust the style of the sleeves to your liking.

A wire inside the unique hood allows you to maintain your preferred shape--casual or mystical.

Outside of the size of the hood, it doubles as a casual and comfy hooded sweatshirt.

You can opt between black and red magic as the hoodie is available in both colors, although you may want to supply your own broom or umbrella to pull of the complete look of an intimidating support member for your JRPG party.

The Mage Hoodie is priced at 11,880 yen ($108.89 USD), and will only be available for online order at Village Vanguard domestically in Japan. As they will not be made available until mid-July, we can only hope for an international retailer to pick them up, as we imagine there are people all around the world who would love the benefit of walking around town as a "normal" citizen, only to transform into a powerful (well, maybe just cool-looking) mage at any given time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.