Gackt fans, brace yourselves.

Japanese communication app LINE has just come out with a new set of stamps that will let you see and hear the voice of your favorite Japanese rock star whenever you please.

For 240 yen (2.20 USD), or 100 coins, you can now purchase a 24-stamp set of Gackt voice stamps to send to all your friends and family. The voice recorded stamps deliver more than just a visual message — they will grace all the people you chat with, with the sensual, handsome voice of the popular singer-musician.


Source: LINE Store


Source: LINE Store

The stamps are all in Japanese, but does it really even matter? You can forever share your love for Gackt with these fun LINE stamps, and whatever he says is gold, anyway.

Gackt’s new stamps can be purchased from your smartphone or from the LINE online store. Click on each stamp to indulge your ears with the sweet sound of his voice!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.