It takes years to perfect the art of making sushi (or sashimi). Aside from making delicious plates of fresh raw fish, the food safety is of further importance. The chef has to be aware themselves of serving uncooked fish to customers that may cause illness if it’s not properly taken care of. On the other hand, customers have to trust the chef’s skill in betting their life on the table. But, will you bet your life on a poison fish? A few Japanese restaurants actually serve fugu (pufferfish), which is known as a luxury type of fish to serve.

In order to serve fugu, a chef needs to have a special license. That’s because fugu is poisonous and contains lethal toxin. Chef Sasaki has been a fugu specialist for 45 years. If its prepared properly, it’s safe to eat and delicious.

Shimonoseki is Japan's puffer fish capital. In restaurants, fugu is usually eaten raw, as sashimi, cut into very thin pieces.

The authentic dish requires not only authentic ingredients but also authentic skills.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.