Japan released Snoopy’s new movie “The Peanuts Movie” in December last year. The hype was intense,with over 5 million dollars of gross as return and it exploded at the box office. Even in U.S it would be considered a success, we can possibly say that the popularity of Snoopy is no where below than the huge star Hello Kitty in Japan.

For some reason, the little guy from Peanuts somehow gets more attention than the main character Charlie Brown. We kind of doubt that the fans had really read through the comics or seen the cartoon. But anyhow, it’s super cute and the squiggly drawing is quite artsy in a way to get enough love from Japan. That’s why the cute dog and his little friend Peanuts deserve to have their own museum in Japan.

The very first Snoopy Museum will be located in heart of Tokyo, Roppongi, running from April 23rd to September 25th. The exhibition will be called “My favorite Peanuts”, featuring 60 of the original Peanuts cartoons, as well as loads of memorabilia and unpublished works by Charles M. Schulz. Also, a lot of Snoopy dolls, food (from an adorably named cafe called Cafe Blanket), and merchandise can be also discovered in the museum.

For those interested in visiting, the address is listed below and there is an English language website here.


Roppongi, 5-6-20, Minato-ku, Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.