Most times, you do not want to compare yourself or your family members to your pet. The result might end up ugly if you only have one choice to make.

Tweeter user @V_KITEI uploaded this problem to Twitter. Her little sister treats her cat just better than anyone in her family. With no money support, she picked up a paper cardboard on the floor and built a sweet Shinto shrine for the cat to rest in as a gift. It has a steady roof, two windows, and an offering box for people to drop coins in before they pray. And hopefully she doesn’t use the god’s cat money for her own sake.

The God has arrived..

Welcome home, my Lord..

Most cats enjoy staying inside a narrow space, but this cat seemed like she didn't want to be claimed as god, so she jumped right out after someone contributed a coin snack to her.

And by the way.. there isn't only one god in the family.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.