Last month we introduced the Samurai Armor Hoodies — cozy hoodies realistically made to look like the actual armor worn by Japanese warriors. Well, we have great news: their crowdfunding project has been successfully funded, and the hoodies are now available for pre-order!

These comfy hoodies are perfect for both male and female modern warriors. And while they’re meticulously detailed to resemble actual armor, they’re stylish and stand out, so you’ll want to wear them wherever you go.

The Black, Red, and White hoodies are all available for 350 USD, while accessories like Tatemono Crests and Masks can be purchased separately for 30 USD and 20 USD, respectively.

Having collected 80,000 USD in contributions, far exceeding their crowdfunding goals, the Samurai Armor Hoodies can be reserved exclusively through the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop. Pre-orders close on May 20th, so make sure you reserve your soft new armor within the limited time offered.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.