Source: WACCA

Japanese Paper Has Transformed Into Chic Washi Tote Bags

It’s a shame that washi, an intricate style of paper that originated in Japan, can only be used to create delicate, fragile objects — or so we thought. The elegant, UNESCO intangible cultural heritage object commonly made from the gampi tree has recently been transformed into a specially made fabric, and you can now carry a tote bag made from it.

Behold, the washi tote bag by WACCA JAPAN, a store specializing in washi paper.


Source: WACCA

These tote bags are all made from washi paper. Incredible? Yes. Gorgeous? We wouldn’t expect otherwise.

The secret to these bags is that the newly invented fabric is actually made from laminated washi. They’re simple but stylish, and not only are they likely to be very light (they’re made of paper, after all), they’re also durable and waterproof.

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It looks like we can expect an entire collection of washi bags and purses, and we couldn’t be more excited. Transforming the traditional Japanese paper into fashion accessories isn’t just ingenious, it’s another way of preserving the handmade craft for future generations to come.

The washi tote bags will make their debut on May 1st under the SUUQ brand, a new brand of fabrics made from laminated washi. Visit their website for updates on these beautiful tote bags.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.