If you’re a Pokémon fan who’s not afraid to show it, these Pikachu and Eevee smartphone accessories from gourmandise are your dreams come true.

Being released in mid-May are adorable Pikachu and Eevee smartphone cases, lightning cables, card cases, smartphone dust plugs, and retractable earbuds. Whether you want to subtly attest your passion for the little monsters or let the whole world know, these new items will add an electrifying touch to your beloved electronics.

Smartphone Cases

Available for iPhones and other devices. The dangling tails are just too cute!

$$ = 3,758 yen (35 USD) for iPhone 6s/6, 3,974 yen (37 USD) for all other devices


Source: gourmandise


Source: gourmandise

Lightning Cables

Subtle but colorful Pikachu lightning cables. We can’t get enough of these pastel stripes.

$$ = 1,706 yen (15.80 USD)


Source: gourmandise

IC Card Cases

Perfect for keeping your commuter pass or credit cards. Pikachu and Eevee’s tails will make sure your cards don’t get lost!

$$ = 1,922 yen (17.90 USD)


Source: gourmandise

Smartphone Dust Plugs

An elegant touch to your smartphone. You’ll be able to watch the little tails of your favorite Pokémon swing as they dangle from your phone.

$$ = 1,382 yen (12.90 USD)


Source: gourmandise

Retractable Earbuds

Leave it to Pikachu to neatly store your earbuds, in yellow or soft pink.

$$ = 2,678 yen (25 USD)


Source: gourmandise

The day these smartphone accessories come out could not come sooner. Head over to the gourmandise online shop for even more Pokémon goods!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.